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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
White Fang White Fang 11/08/2018 Unreliable user Dark1984 Dark1984
Zeusz Zeusz 11/01/2018 Thanks for this great invitation Dark1984 Dark1984
theDracony theDracony 10/30/2018 Excellent member. Trustworthy and reliable. Highly recommended. Thanks @ theDracony Bobby Bobby
Zeusz Zeusz 10/29/2018 Quick transaction. Trusted Tyche Tyche
Dark1984 Dark1984 10/23/2018 Excellent cooperation with Dark1984. Worthy trust. White Fang White Fang
MadHD MadHD 10/22/2018 thanks for the invite. regards @sam1256 sam1256 sam1256
Zeusz Zeusz 10/21/2018 great jokku jokku
aZZ aZZ 10/18/2018 great jokku jokku
aZZ aZZ 10/15/2018 Trusted Member ! Zeusz Zeusz