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    1 X eweres ACCOUNT/1 X worldofp2p ACCOUNT/1 XNinjaCentralsamuas ACCOUNT/1 X diablotorrent ACCOUNT/1 X classix ACCOUNT RULES 1 . Add Like & REP 2 . Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me in the comments 4 . Do not PM me, I will choose who i want them to go too. 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Account. 6 I may ask for proofs
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    10 x myxz (XtremeZone) Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite
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    2 x scenetime Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    5 x ICETorrent Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    Maintenance Tonight from about 1 'clock maintenance will take place.During the maintenance work site functions may come to failures.If your files in the client are red, please keep on running. Regards, sam1256!
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    hi friends @Dark1984 and @Mickey please send me email Pm-in !
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    Giveaway [ 5 x HiresMusic Invite ] Rules& .:. Apply here not pm .:. .:. Thanks or Like .:. .:. If Got Invite Not Forget +Feedback .:.
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    Tracker Name: AnimeTorrents (AnT) Genre: ANIME Review (If Any Sign Up Link: https://animetorrents.me/register.php Closing Time: soon Additional Information: AnimeTorrents.me is a private BitTorrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRip, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker Name: BTNext Genre: 0Day / General Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://tracker.btnext.com/?p=signup&pid=16&agree_terms_of_service_and_rules=yes Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Portuguese Tracker Regards, sam1256!
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    10 x Filelist Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    Hi @Mickey PM your email. and enjoy
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    Giveaway [ 1 x HotVibes Invite ] Rules& .:. Apply here not pm .:. .:. Only peronal user no trade .:. .:. Rep or Thanks .:. .:. If got Invite recvied +1 Feedback .:.
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    have endoftheinter.net EOT acc want good oFFer
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    KaraGarga | KG | Movies | 2018 Review Logo Tracker Name: KaraGarga ( KG ) Tracker Genre: Movies Tracker URL: https://karagarga.in/login.php Tracker Signup: Invite Only Tracker Type: Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio: Medium IRC: irc.brokensphere.net:6667 #KaraGarga for general chat irc.brokensphere.net:6667 #KG-Help if you have a problem that requires help from staff Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker Description KaraGarga is a dedicated private tracker to upload rare/hard to find movies. It's a bit difficult to maintain ratio here unless you are seeding many torrents always. Here there are freeleech torrents called "Featured", only the listings there are those that you can download without damaging your ratio. They have a section called "Pots section", which is the KaraGarga DIY in other words. Here they do DIY works like subtitling and audio synchronization to movies that were not released with the languages they request. When filling a "Pot" you receive certain bonus points. The users vote with GBs of Bonus Points on some DIY movie they are looking for and the GBs that have the request are the ones that you recieve when you fill it out. They have many DVDs, Blurays and encodes, whatever you are looking for is here. They have a lot of current content, most of it is old content (from 1900, or a little less xD) to today's date. Really a very good and recommended tracker, they have movies from all over the world, Books, Audiobooks and Music, this tracker goes from comics, books and religious content to comedy movies, cult and action. It has good speed, active users and good staff. It's hard to find invites because only users with Uploader or above rank recieve invites every so often. Login Home Category & Search Torrents Torrents Profil Upload Request Forum Rules FAQ Staff User Clases Stat Trackers Ratings
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    Im baconBits forum you have SceneHD recruitment application.. PixelHD you have application...ONLY staff send invites i thing
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    1 x BIT-HDTV Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    2 x IPTorrents Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite
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    Hi @White Fang i have : M-Team or PrivateHD or Blutopia wante GGN invite. regards.
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    Hi everybody,We at MTV wanted to say THANK YOU for staying with us, and on this glorious day, Our 4th Birthday, in the spirit of MTV, we would like to share some news and we would like to give you a little gift or two.Most important is the promotion of our long-suffering, loyal and hardworking FLS, America, MrWhite, ScarletMarauder, and Zaireeka who have been promoted to Managers, each with new areas of responsibility and a focus to taking our beloved community Forward in their own way.This does mean we are looking for new FLS and Content Editors, If you feel you have the skills and time to help out our community, then please apply either via Staff PM or directly to Zairekka, please say hi to our most recent family additions, itsgoingdown and erozion, who have done exactly this.Now the Gift news !! Everyone who has already attained the rank of Key Grip gets an invite, everyone Camera Operator and above, gets 2. No catch, just our way of thanking you for giving back in whatever way you do. These are ofc subject to the normal site rules so treat this rare gift with the respect they deserve.Again, Thank you and please excuse us whilst we go back to the Champagne and Celebrations !!/ /Staff
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    Tracker Name: Redemption Genre: General Sign Up Link: http://redemption.pw/index.php?page=account Closing Time: very soon ! Additional Information: Redemption is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    DXDHD News - Registrations will be closed from 11th Nov. till further notice Title: Registrations will be closed from 11th Nov. till further notice. - Published At 10 Nov 2018 Thankyou Regards, sam1256!
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    Giveaway 1x Torrentday invite
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    Tracker's Name: ScanBytes (SCB) Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://scanbytes.org/signup.php Closing date: Open only for a few spots. Hurry up! Additional information: ScanBytes (SCB) is a Nordic Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases Regards, sam1256!
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    InTheShadow (iTS) News - Happy Halloween Happy Halloween Shadows!! This year we started jack quite early so no eggstensions this time. So head over for one last time. It'll be gone tomorrow We hope you have a great, spooky time and party hard
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    Tracker's Name: Punck Tracker Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://punck-tracker.net/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Punck Tracker is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for Horror / Sci-fi / Thriller Movies. Note: You'd better use a Gmail address in order to sign up.
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    can anyone get me an invite of gazellegames.net thank you Regards, sam1256!
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    Hi i am new here. I love this community
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    Title edited Open: SceneCube | General
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    THE mum of a six-year-old lad killed in house fire overnight made a desperate plea for help as she stood by unable to stop the blaze tearing through her home, neighbours say. The deadly fire broke out around 10.40pm last night before ripping through the upper levels of the property in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Brave builder Jack Hill, 25, desperately tried to break down the nearly closed door from the black smoke-filled landing as the victim’s mum screamed "help me, help me". Jack, reliving his ordeal, told Sun Online, said: "When I was first alerted to the fire and heard that a boy was trapped in his room I ran up the stairs which were virtually engulfed in smoke. "The door was slightly ajar and I knew I needed a fire extinguisher so I raced to the Chinese restaurant on the corner. I got one and some wet towels then ran back up the stairs wrapped in the wet towel and used the extinguisher to try and smash down the door but I couldn’t manage to. "I came back the stairs to grab something bigger and stronger and at that point the fire brigade arrived and I directed them to let the first floor room. He explained: "I looked out the front and could see blue flashers everywhere and then I went to the back garden wondering if the smoke had travelled into my loft." He added: "My heart goes out to that poor family. It’s dreadful." Another neighbour, Elena Summerfield, 28, said: "It has ripped through the whole community. It’s tragic and heartbreaking what happened. "I don’t know the family personally but we are all a close community. "I went on the street when I heard the noise. She was devasted, I just tried to comfort her daughter, it’s all I could do. She is about 10-11. The mum is very friendly, they keep to themselves. "All I want them to know is that we are here for you , you are not alone, you have a family here, all the street is with you." In a statement, Derbyshire Constabulary today said: "We were called by Derbyshire Fire and Rescue to reports of a fire at house in Shaw Street West, Ilkeston, at 10.40pm last night. "Firefighters entered the property and found a six-year-old boy with serious injuries. The boy was taken to QMC by ambulance, however, he was pronounced dead a short time later. "Enquiries as to the cause of the fire are ongoing and a joint police and fire investigation will take place today. "Anyone with any information regarding the incident should call Derbyshire police on the 101 number with ref 18*516997." Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Firefighters using breathing apparatus and hose real jets entered the property and rescued a six-year-old boy, performing CPR until the arrival of paramedics. "The boy was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre but was tragically pronounced deceased.
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    Google Translation: Donations We are starting to remind ourselves in good time of the donations and just because we get paid for the server at a time for a longer period of time. One or two months of jerking is not meaningful and therefore we ask for users to activate for donations. If you like this site please donate in the heart Regards, FinElite's maintenance
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     Tracker's Name: NextBit Torrents Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://nbtorrents.com/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: NextBit Torrents is a new Private Torrent Tracker for Indian Movies / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    Ouch. This weekend saw Paula Abdul suffer a mishap during a show when she fell offstage mid-concert. The ‘Straight Up’ icon was performing her hit ‘The Promise of a New Day’ at Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi, when she stepped beyond the edge of the stage while attempting to greet fans. See footage of the incident below.
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    A classic. Manic Street Preachers have confirmed details of a UK and Ireland tour and special re-release to mark the 20th anniversary of their classic album ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’. Full dates and ticket details are below. Released in 1998 and featuring the seminal singles ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’, ‘Tsunami’ and ‘You Stole The Sun From My Heart’, the album was the band’s first to hit Number One and saw them reach the level of a stadium band even headline Glastonbury. Having been rumoured for some time, the band have now announced that a ’20 Year Collector’s Edition’ will be released on December 7 as Limited Edition Deluxe 3CD bookset and double LP. The band have confirmed the triple CD bookset includes the original album remastered, a disc of demos and live rehearsal recordings, and a disc of all remixes and b-sides from the album. The double LP includes the remastered album and a digital download code, as well as a limited edition poster. The band will then head out on a run of intimate UK and Ireland shows in Spring 2019. Full dates are below. Tickets are on sale from 10am on Friday October 26 and will be available here. Sunday 12 May – Dublin – Olympia Theatre Tuesday 14 May – Cambridge – Corn Exchange Wednesday 15 May – Bath – Forum Friday 17 May – London – Shepherd’s Bush Empire Saturday 18 May – London – Shepherd’s Bush Empire Monday 20 May – Manchester – Ritz Tuesday 21 May – Manchester – Ritz Thursday 23 May – Birmingham – Academy 1 Friday 24 May – Southampton – Guildhall Sunday 26 May – Edinburgh – Usher Hall Monday 27 May – York – Barbican Thursday 30 May – Liverpool – Olympia Friday 31 May – Leicester – De Montfort Hall Speaking to NME about the upcoming re-release, bassist Nicky Wire said: “James [Dean Bradfield, frontman] has remastered it, I found all the demos. They’re amazing – all on cassettes, recorded in someone’s front room. We’ve put [fan favourite B-side] ‘Prologue To History’ on the album now and kicked off ‘Nobody Loved You’. We’ve moved that onto disc two with a great demo that we’ve found. It’s packed full of really interesting and intimate stuff, as well as us in the studio and off the leash on certain songs like ‘Tsunami’ that are much more raw. “There are some amazing remixes too – by people like Mogwai, Massive Attack and Cornelius. It was a great period where people would take your work and transform it into something really special.” Asked about their other plans for the immediate future, Wire said: “Other than that, it’ll be back to studio life. James feels like another album could come really quickly at the moment – not that we’ve done anything. He’s in that mode though.” The tracklist for the ‘This Is My Truth’ re-release is: Limited Edition Deluxe 3CD book set / digital CD 1 – Remastered original album 1 The Everlasting 2 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 3 You Stole the Sun from My Heart 4 Ready for Drowning 5 Tsunami 6 My Little Empire 7 I’m Not Working 8 You’re Tender and You’re Tired 9 Born a Girl 10 Be Natural 11 Black Dog On My Shoulder 12 Prologue To History 13 S.Y.M.M. CD 2 – Demos & Live Rehearsals 1 The Everlasting 2 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Dave Bascombe Mix) 3 You Stole the Sun from My Heart 4 Ready for Drowning 5 Tsunami 6 My Little Empire 7 I’m Not Working 8 You’re Tender and You’re Tired 9 Born A Girl 10 Be Natural 11 Black Dog On My Shoulder 12 Prologue To History 13 S.Y.M.M. 14 Nobody Loved You CD3 – Remixes & B Sides 1 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Massive Attack Remix) 2 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (David Holmes Remix) 3 The Everlasting (Deadly Avenger’s Psalm 315) 4 The Everlasting (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix) 5 You Stole the Sun from My Heart (David Holmes Remix) 6 You Stole the Sun from My Heart (Mogwai Remix) 7 Tsunami (Cornelius Remix) 8 Tsunami (Stereolab Remix) 9 Montana/ Autumn/78 10 Black Holes For The Young 11 Valley Boy 12 Socialist Serenade 13 Buildings For Dead People Double 180gm vinyl in gatefold sleeve *Includes limited edition poster on first pressing* SIDE A 1 The Everlasting 2 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 3 You Stole the Sun from My Heart SIDE B 4 Ready for Drowning 5 Tsunami 6 My Little Empire SIDE C 7 I’m Not Working 8 You’re Tender and You’re Tired 9 Born a Girl 10 Be Natural SIDE D 11 Black Dog On My Shoulder 12 Prologue To History 13 S.Y.M.M. (Remastered)
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    Tracker Name: NORDiCHD Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: http://www.nordichd.cc/?p=signup&pid=16 Closing date: Very soon! Additional information: NORDiCHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for Scandinavian Movies / TV / General Releases. Note: The site suffers regularly from large periods of downtime.
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    thanks for this news! Regards, sam1256!
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    Thank you for being such a friendly community - it’s a pleasure to become a part of torrentinvitez I’m looking forward getting into private trackers, I’m sure it will be great 👍
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    It's taken from the soundtrack to the forthcoming film 'Boy Erased' Troye Sivan and Sigur Ros‘ Jónsi have shared their first ever collaboration, ‘Revelation’ – check it out below. The two artists have linked up for a spot on the soundtrack to the upcoming film Boy Erased, which Sivan has a supporting part in. Jónsi has also recorded another song for the soundtrack, which is set for a digital release on October 26 and physically on November 2 (the same day as Boy Erased‘s theatrical release). Boy Erased will also star the likes of Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. Sivan will play a supporting role as a man the central character Jared (Lucas Hedges) meets at a gay conversion therapy program he is sent to by his Baptist parents (Kidman and Crowe). Speaking about the song’s part in the film, Sivan explained: “I got together with Jónsi of Sigur Rós and Leland. Joel [Edgerton, writer/director] showed us a scene from the movie, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s this one moment of relief in the film. It’s this one really sweet, tender moment where Jared does something that I would consider pure and beautiful and normal and romantic. “He has that experience and the sky doesn’t fall down on him,” Sivan continued. “The world doesn’t come crashing down, and it’s a ‘revelation’ to him. That person that he was with is a revolution to him, and it was just so inspiring. So, we started with these lyrics of ‘you’re a revelation, you’re a revolution’.”
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    Tracker's Name: Drugari Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://drugari.org/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Drugari is a Croatian Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General Releases.
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    Giveaway [ 1 x Bit-HDTv Invite ] Rules: .:. Apply here not pm .:. 1. like or thanks 2. ask for the invite 3. don't ask if you have had one before 4. and whatever else i am forgetting lol 5. much more likely chance of winning if you have at least one Reputation 6. If got Invite not forget +1 Feedback
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    Mate Reviews 2018 month is not the present
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    Awesome-HD News - AHD is opening its doors to x264 refugees With the passing away of x264 we, the staff of AHD, have decided to open our doors to any of their refugees who wish to join our site. To those x264 members who are not acquainted with AHD, let's just say that the two sites share a similar mission and ethos. We are an HD/UHD tracker with focus on movies and TV Shows (whole seasons only!) and our internal encoders are considered some of the best on the web. To apply for an account you must go here: Code: https://awesome-hd.me/application.php 1) enter a valid email address, 2) supply at least one screenshot proof of actual x264 membership (either account screenshot or torrents seeded) and 3) a short description of your tracker history or any and all info you think could be relevant. As always, skilled encoders are always welcome and if you're not then you'll find that we have great resources on the how-to's once you have signed up. The Staff