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    Giveaway [ 5 x HiresMusic Invite ] Rules& .:. Apply here not pm .:. .:. Thanks or Like .:. .:. If Got Invite Not Forget +Feedback .:.
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    1 X eweres ACCOUNT/1 X worldofp2p ACCOUNT/1 XNinjaCentralsamuas ACCOUNT/1 X diablotorrent ACCOUNT/1 X classix ACCOUNT RULES 1 . Add Like & REP 2 . Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me in the comments 4 . Do not PM me, I will choose who i want them to go too. 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Account. 6 I may ask for proofs
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    Dual monitor systems offer many advantages over single monitor setups. It is easy to connect two or even more displays to a computer provided that the hardware is capable of it. You can use the mouse to move freely between all displays and that is often the desired action. Sometimes, however, you may want to lock the mouse to a single display. Maybe while playing a game or running other fullscreen applications, or when you don't use the secondary display. While some games and fullscreen applications may lock the mouse to a single display, it may happen that accidental mouse movement to another screen may minimize, hang, or even crash the game you are playing. Windows users may use applications to control mouse movement between screens on a dual-monitor or multi-monitor setup. One of the programs that Windows users may use for the purpose is Dual Monitor Tools. The application adds a wealth of options to control more or less anything that has to do with running multiple monitors on the operating system. The feature that is of interest to users who want to restrict mouse movement on Windows makes up just a small part in the grand scheme of things. Locking the Mouse https://www.ghacks.net/wp-content/up...al-monitor.png Dual Monitor Tools is an open source program. Installation is straightforward and without any issues. You can run the program automatically on start or manually. Select Cursor > General when you load it for the first time to configure cursor related options. Several options are provided to control cursor movement: Set hotkeys to activate "lock cursor onto screen" and "cursor free to move between screens". Configure the default cursor behavior (move freely or locked). Enable override shortcuts (keyboard or mouse) to allow free cursor movement. Changes are applied immediately and you may start using the new hotkeys if you have set them up. You could, for example, allow the cursor to move freely between screens on system start and set up hotkeys to lock and allow the cursor to move. While I'd love to see a toggle option to just use one shortcut for both states, using two shortcuts should work as well. In case you are wondering, the third-option that the program supports makes movement between screens sticky. You define a resistance value in the options which makes it easier or harder to cross screens on a multi-monitor setup; this may require some experimentation to get the value right. The resistance value is set on the same settings screen under "Resistance to movement between screens". Closing Words Dual Monitor Tools is a useful program for multi-monitor systems that provides an incredible number of options. While you may not want to use all of them, you probably find some that you consider useful enough to use the program. It is relatively light on memory when it runs which is a plus. Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker's Name: DreamCoreTracker Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://dct.cx/signup.php? Additional information: DreamCoreTracker is Open for Signup! DreamCoreTracker is a GREEK Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL DreamCoreTracker is the internal tracker for multiple release groups
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    HDBits | HDB | HD | 2018 Review Logo Tracker Name: HDBits ( HDB ) Tracker Genre: HD Tracker URL: https://hdbits.org/login?returnto=%2F Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Seed Bonus: Yes IRC Channel: irc.p2p-network.net #HDbits #hdbits.support Banned Countries: China, Egypt, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam Tracker Description he best HD private tracker on offer. Invites are rare to come across, if you have the chance to become a member appreciate it! Content wise there is a lot to choose from such as audiotracks, documentary, demo, movies, music, sport, TV and XXX content. The advanced search feature allows members to browse via language, year and IMDB ratings as well as codec types and the origin of an upload. Seeding is fairly easy and to make sure you don't sabotage your account from the get go all new members are limited to leeching three torrents at one time. Users are required to remain active on the tracker and this includes regular downloads to avoid being disabled so signing in and having a quick browse is not considered remaining active here. If you somehow completely fook your ratio and fall below 0.45 with atleast 10gb downloaded you'll receive a warning and be restricted to leeching two torrents at one time with a two week 'fix' period. If you also fail this you will be demoted and face being disabled after two weeks. Inactivity rules are as followed: Upscale User Class: Disabled within 4 weeks. Unparked accounts: 6 months of inactivity - account disabled. 12 months of inactivity - account deleted. Parked Accounts: 1 year of inactivity - account disabled. 2 years of inactivity - account deleted. VIP members and ABOVE: Exempt from this rule. If you are expecting to be away for some time PARK your account. Don't forget just browsing the site does NOT qualify as activity. You need to be actively downloading and seeding content to keep your account. Downloading a 1gb file will NOT save your ass either. Appreciate the tracker and put in the effort. To be apart of this community you need to make good use of the IRC channel and forums section. IRC details are in the above table but each member requires a special key to make use of the main channel.It is usually just a click of your mouse and bam you have a personal key.. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY! The forums are a fun part of HDB. New members are made to feel really welcome, the tech support is always active and full of troubleshooting etc and the other sub sections are really active so it really does represent a great community to be apart of. Uploading has an interesting twist. All members who are the user class 720p and below must use a section called 'offers'. To be eligible, the upload offer must receive 15 votes from other users of the community before it is approved by staff for upload. Most offers receive the required numbers of votes anyway! Site stats as followed (staff clear out inactive and low activity users all the time): Max Users: 21,000 Registered Members: 18,075 Male Users: 17,601 Female Users: 451 Torrents: 248,352 Total Torrents Size: 3,294.14 TiB Peers: 953,903 Seeders: 939,748 Leechers: 14,155 Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 66:1 SEEDBOXES! While they are allowed and you are technically allowed to share a seedbox, avoid downloading and/or seeding the same torrent from two accounts on the one seedbox. This is classed as cheating in the eyes of staff and you'll more than likely lose your account. You do not need to notify staff of your seedbox or that you are sharing. Login Home Category & Search Torents Torrents Profil Movie Offers Bonus System Forum Rules FAQ Staff User Clases Stat Tracker Ratings
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    hi friend ok send me Email pm-in !
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    Tracker's Name: Punck Tracker Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://punck-tracker.net/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Punck Tracker is a Hungarian Private Torrent Tracker for Horror / Sci-fi / Thriller Movies. Note: You'd better use a Gmail address in order to sign up.