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    1 X eweres ACCOUNT/1 X worldofp2p ACCOUNT/1 XNinjaCentralsamuas ACCOUNT/1 X diablotorrent ACCOUNT/1 X classix ACCOUNT RULES 1 . Add Like & REP 2 . Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me in the comments 4 . Do not PM me, I will choose who i want them to go too. 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Account. 6 I may ask for proofs
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    Giveaway ( 1 x IPTorrents Invite ) * Apply here no pm * Like or Thanks * If got Invite recvied +feedback
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    Giveaway [ 2 x BitCity Invite ] Rules! .:. Apply Here Not Pm .:. 10 post .:. .:. 2 Reputation .:. .:. Like or Thanks .:. .:. if got invite recvied +1 Feedback .:.
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    Giveaway 1x Torrentday invite
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    10 x myxz (XtremeZone) Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite
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    2 x scenetime Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    5 x ICETorrent Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    Giveaway X10 DesiTorrents invites!
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    Giveaway X10 BTNext invites!
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    Giveaway 1x IceTorrent invite
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    This is the invites section rules, please follow these rules. DO NOT post your E-Mail addresses in your posts DO NOT offer to sell/buy any invites, this will be an immediate ban! Anyone scamming users out of there invites that gets reported for scamming, will get banned faster than you think! Do NOT Trade Invites Through PM Prior To Clicking a member's name and selecting View Public Profile. Reading some of their posts to get familiar with them. If possible check their profile at mutual torrent sites. Checking they have a star under their avatar. If there's no star DO NOT reply to any messages you've received. They don't have access and shouldn't be asking for invites. Make a Report in the Report Section for Staff to look into. There you can paste the message you received. Thread Bumping Bumping is permitted after 12 hours since the last post. Those bumping before will receive infractions. Spam Posting DO NOT post "good luck", "nice giveaway", "+1" or similar. DO NOT repeatedly spam threads with content-less posts. DO NOT post threads starting with dashes or similar. Members posting spam will receive infractions. Do NOT Post Giveaways For Non BT Sites Sites such as Newzbin or Rapidshare and similar are NOT BT related. DO NOT make giveaway/request threads for these sites. Those posting these may have rep removed. You can trade these if a bt site is involved. If You're Offered An Invite For Sale Use the Report PM function and Report it. Keep the message and DO NOT delete it. Selling invites in any form on FST is NOT allowed. DO NOT send pm messages soliciting invites. Those caught will be BANNED permanently. Respect Communities You're A Member Of Who You Invite Most sites want you to invite those you know and trust. At the least read their posts to get familiar with them. If possible check their profile at mutual torrent sites. DO NOT post links or names of sites that don't want them posted. DO NOT post names with spaces and similar to bypass filters. DO NOT post images with this information for these sites. Read the rules of the sites you're a member at and if you choose to break them don't complain if action is taken against you. Scam Prevention Please complete trades through PM rather than with other messaging service like Skype PM logs should preferably be reported using the report PM function ( at the top of the PM) to ensure authenticity. If we find proof their access to this section will be REMOVED. They may also be completely BANNED from the site. Cheaters For issues with cheaters make a Report for it. Post screenshots and proof on cheaters. If we find proof their access to this section will be REMOVED. They may also be completely BANNED from the site. Threads in the Report Section can be viewed only by you and Staff on the site. This section has grown and is mostly what members make of it. We've tried to make it better and are open to suggestions...
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    Maintenance Tonight from about 1 'clock maintenance will take place.During the maintenance work site functions may come to failures.If your files in the client are red, please keep on running. Regards, sam1256!
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    hi friends @Dark1984 and @Mickey please send me email Pm-in !
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    Giveaway [ 5 x HiresMusic Invite ] Rules& .:. Apply here not pm .:. .:. Thanks or Like .:. .:. If Got Invite Not Forget +Feedback .:.
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    Tracker Name: AnimeTorrents (AnT) Genre: ANIME Review (If Any Sign Up Link: https://animetorrents.me/register.php Closing Time: soon Additional Information: AnimeTorrents.me is a private BitTorrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRip, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker Name: BTNext Genre: 0Day / General Review (If Any Sign Up Link: http://tracker.btnext.com/?p=signup&pid=16&agree_terms_of_service_and_rules=yes Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Portuguese Tracker Regards, sam1256!
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    10 x Filelist Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony. -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    Hi @Mickey PM your email. and enjoy
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    Giveaway [ 1 x HotVibes Invite ] Rules& .:. Apply here not pm .:. .:. Only peronal user no trade .:. .:. Rep or Thanks .:. .:. If got Invite recvied +1 Feedback .:.
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    have endoftheinter.net EOT acc want good oFFer
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    bitspyder.net 5x Invite * Apply here no pm * Like or Thanks * If got Invite recvied +feedback
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    KaraGarga | KG | Movies | 2018 Review Logo Tracker Name: KaraGarga ( KG ) Tracker Genre: Movies Tracker URL: https://karagarga.in/login.php Tracker Signup: Invite Only Tracker Type: Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio: Medium IRC: irc.brokensphere.net:6667 #KaraGarga for general chat irc.brokensphere.net:6667 #KG-Help if you have a problem that requires help from staff Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker Description KaraGarga is a dedicated private tracker to upload rare/hard to find movies. It's a bit difficult to maintain ratio here unless you are seeding many torrents always. Here there are freeleech torrents called "Featured", only the listings there are those that you can download without damaging your ratio. They have a section called "Pots section", which is the KaraGarga DIY in other words. Here they do DIY works like subtitling and audio synchronization to movies that were not released with the languages they request. When filling a "Pot" you receive certain bonus points. The users vote with GBs of Bonus Points on some DIY movie they are looking for and the GBs that have the request are the ones that you recieve when you fill it out. They have many DVDs, Blurays and encodes, whatever you are looking for is here. They have a lot of current content, most of it is old content (from 1900, or a little less xD) to today's date. Really a very good and recommended tracker, they have movies from all over the world, Books, Audiobooks and Music, this tracker goes from comics, books and religious content to comedy movies, cult and action. It has good speed, active users and good staff. It's hard to find invites because only users with Uploader or above rank recieve invites every so often. Login Home Category & Search Torrents Torrents Profil Upload Request Forum Rules FAQ Staff User Clases Stat Trackers Ratings
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    Giveaway [ 1 x Bit-HDTv Invite ] Rules: .:. Apply here not pm .:. 1. like or thanks 2. ask for the invite 3. don't ask if you have had one before 4. and whatever else i am forgetting lol 5. much more likely chance of winning if you have at least one Reputation 6. If got Invite not forget +1 Feedback
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    Im baconBits forum you have SceneHD recruitment application.. PixelHD you have application...ONLY staff send invites i thing
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    1 x BIT-HDTV Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like. - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite.
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    2 x IPTorrents Invite GiveAway -Apply here , don't forget to mention me @theDracony -Leave me Rep and Like - leave 1+positive feedback. after you received the invite
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    I have GGn invite I am looking for HDChina HDCenter MTV Exigo MusicVids
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    Hi @White Fang i have : M-Team or PrivateHD or Blutopia wante GGN invite. regards.
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    Have [ AsianDVDClub.account ] Want [ BiBliotik , BaconBits , iTS , Bitme.org Invite , good offers]
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    hi @Dark1984 Ok sent me pm-in mail !
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    Thank you for making this giveaway. A lot of users will benefit from this. Please make sure to announce the winners and also update your thread regarding what is left to giveaway. All winners are requested to leave a Feedback after receiving the invite/account. This is the least that can be done to appreciate the user. Asking for Bonus Points in return for the giveaway is against the rules. Kindly report any user asking for Bonus Points in return for the giveaway. Giving Bonus Points is optional and the user can do it if he wishes to reward the OP for the giveaway. Regards, Zeusz
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    The creator of controversial third-party Grindr application 'Fuckr' has withdrawn his opposition to a Grindr copyright complaint. Grindr filed a DMCA takedown notice with Github in September, stating that Fuckr infringes Grindr's intellectual property rights. However, after initially filing a counter-notice to have his software reinstated, Fuckr's creator has now backed away, fearing a prolonged copyright battle. Released back in 2015, the Fuckr desktop application provides controversial enhanced access to the popular Grindr dating service. Among other things, Fuckr gives Grindr users the ability to precisely locate hundreds of other users while revealing usually hidden information such as photos, HIV status, and even preferred sexual positions. Early September, Grindr hit Fuckr with a DMCA notice, targeted at its official Github repository. Fuckr was taken down by Github but perhaps surprisingly, its developer ‘tomlandia’ chose to fight back. Responding with a DMCA counter-notice, ‘tomlandia’ denied Grindr’s assertion that Fuckr “facilitate unauthorized access to the Grindr app by circumventing Grindr’s access controls” and refuting that it circumvents “a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work” protected under the Copyright Act. Github policy determines that this counter-notice would trigger the reinstatement of Fuckr within 14 days but as highlighted in our earlier article, it also opened up a can of worms for both Grindr and ‘tomlandia’. If Grindr wanted to keep the tool down it would have to sue ‘tomlandia’ in the United States, meaning that an expensive legal process would ensue. It would be a put-up-or-shut-up moment for both parties, but with Grindr clearly having the most resources, the experience would probably prove financially uncomfortable for ‘tomlandia’ at best and potentially ruinous if a court eventually ruled against him. It now transpires that ‘tomlandia’ wants no part in this kind of war. Probably recognizing the impossible situation he finds himself in, the developer has now backed away. In a fresh communication with Github, ‘tomlandia’ suggests that having his software reinstated on Github isn’t a big enough prize to warrant a fight with Grindr’s lawyers. “I wish to retract my DMCA counter notice concerning my repository tomlandia/fuckr,” he writes. “While I don’t believe my code infringes Grindr LLC’s copyright in any way, I am no longer willing to face legal action in a foreign court simply to keep this project hosted on Github.” Fuckr backs away from legal action There are a couple of interesting pieces of information in the retraction, not least the suggestion that ‘tomlandia’ isn’t located in the United States. Being sued in a foreign court is rarely fun and never cheap, so financial considerations certainly played a part in this withdrawal. Perhaps more importantly, however, is that ‘tomlandia’ still maintains that his software creation does not infringe on Grindr’s copyrights in any way. Of course, this is the kind of thing that would need to be determined by a court, which brings us back to the potential David versus Goliath battle that ‘tomlandia’ is trying to avoid. The situation is certainly interesting, since it raises important questions about the nature of the DMCA. While copyright holders often complain about the law’s ineffectiveness, DMCA takedown notices (when filed against sites like Github) wield considerable power. They have the ability to neutralize allegedly infringing content almost immediately but if targets dare to dispute the notice, they immediately sign up to an expensive legal battle. This situation may be tolerable if both parties are healthy corporations but when a company like Grindr targets a Github developer, the former is almost certainly in a position to outgun the latter. Put simply, unless you’re prepared to lose everything, fighting one of these cases is completely out of the question for most people. We’ll probably never know if Fuckr was indeed infringing Grindr’s copyrights but due to the way the DMCA works, victory, in this case, has been determined by those with the deepest pockets. And all they had to do was send a single email to Github and let fear do the rest. source: torrentfreak
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    Thank you for making this giveaway. A lot of users will benefit from this. Please make sure to announce the winners and also update your thread regarding what is left to giveaway. All winners are requested to leave a Feedback after receiving the invite/account. This is the least that can be done to appreciate the user. Asking for Bonus Points in return for the giveaway is against the rules. Kindly report any user asking for Bonus Points in return for the giveaway. Giving Bonus Points is optional and the user can do it if he wishes to reward the OP for the giveaway. Regards, Zeusz!
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    Update: So it's a good news, bad news situation.The good news is that the server is still up, it's just not externally reachable right now. Not a hardware failure or anything like that.The bad news is that it was intentional. Evidently auto-payment failed due to insufficient funds. The host claims they sent an email the day before they disconnected the network adapter (not much of a warning there...), but it was not received so I wasn't aware of the problem in advance.They can also be slow to respond to tickets and they do not respond after hours or on weekends unless you pay for their managed support package. Which ADC doesn't have because it's rather expensive and we rarely need them to do anything. That's why it took so long to get to the bottom of things.
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    Congratulations to a********* who won lottery 2018-42 Results for Lottery 2018-42 *** people entered, with a total sweetening of ****GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB a********* SECOND PLACE 50GB ***** THIRD PLACE 30GB *****
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    Attendance at Russian cinemas has increased by nearly 40% over the past three years thanks largely to the fight against Internet piracy, Alexander Zharov, director of the Russian federal telecom regulator Roskomnadzor, reported during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since the beginning of the anti-piracy campaign in 2015, Roskomnadzor has shut down nearly 6,000 websites with illegal content and forced another 11,000 websites to permanently delete stolen intellectual-property items, Zharov noted. Just a few years ago, the Russian Internet was “a real pirates’ bay,” as every single movie, both Russian and foreign, appeared on pirates’ websites immediately after its release on big screens, according to Zharov. As a result, the legal cinema business suffered heavy losses, he added. Although the anti-piracy campaign in Russia is gaining momentum, recent research shows that claims that the pirates have been defeated are actually far from the truth. In 2018, pirates stole and posted on the Internet every second movie released on big screens, according to research conducted by Group-IB. There are 90 million active Internet users in Russia and on average every user watches 110 stolen films on the pirates’ websites or downloads films from them each year. All in all, the overall number of queries on search engines such as “watch movie for free,” which lead to pirates’ websites, totaled 10 billion in 2017, Group-IB estimated.
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    You’ll probably agree with us that maintaining a good ratio in quality private torrent communities is hard. Who wants to be kicked out of his favorite tracker, right? A seedbox is an extremely valuable resource when participating in private bitTorrent communities that will prevent you from ever being worried from your seeding ratio. It offers an easy way to continuously store and share files without having to keep them on your personal devices, as well as have a few great automation tools that help you seed popular files before others. It will also give you access to a high-speed network to minimize upload and download times, which will greatly reduce the time for download and upload! In this post, we’ll be sharing a few simple tips that will help you skyrocket your seeding ratio using a Seedbox… New releases are always better in the beginning! The most efficient way to quickly increase your sharing ratio is by focusing on the new releases. When a new torrent is released, there will always have more leechers than seeders. And your seedbox provides two benefits in this situations. First, you will quickly download the newly released torrent, and secondly, the faster you download it, faster you can become a seeder! Maintain your files in a Seedbox A common mistake which can hurt your ratio is leaving files on your seedbox that no one is downloading.You need to share files that other peoples actually want. Once you complete a download it is important to always leave it running as a seed to improve your upload statistics. Never delete or move files which are actively being downloaded. Start Out By Hosting Smaller Files on Your Seedbox One of the easiest ways to improve your ratio is by starting sharing smaller files. By starting off with smaller files, you increase the chance that someone will download the torrent files from you rather than someone else. For example, if you have a version of some movie that is like approximately 700Mb in the size, people will probably download your version than some version that has roughly 22Gb. Plus, when you use seedbox hosting for your files, others will be able to download files from you in no time. Take Advantage of Freebie Downloads The final way to maintain a good ratio on private BitTorrent sites is by taking advantage of freebie downloads. Free torrents don’t count against your download statistics. This means you can download them without adversely affecting your ratio.This is always a helpful tip, but it is especially important when you are first starting out because a few downloads can quickly throw off your ratio. A seedbox is an incredibly powerful tool which should be considered essential if you are joining a private BitTorrent site. The additional resources it provides will make it much easier to maintain a positive ratio and remain in good standing within the private BitTorrent site.
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    Over the past weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about 'paid' seeding, which is one of the new proposals from the Tron/BitTorrent team. However, this idea is far from new. The Tribler research team has been working on its 'bandwidth as currency' idea for over a decade, and they now have a fully operational token marketplace in their torrent client. During the early days of BitTorrent, bandwidth was relatively scarce. Torrent sites encouraged users to keep their clients running, to ensure that downloads would finish in ‘just’ a few hours. Torrent streaming requires even more bandwidth. To address this, a group of top researchers came up with a new idea. What if we treated bandwidth as a currency? “P2P dies or thrives depending on how much upload people donate. By introducing electronic ‘currency’ for uploads the researchers think they can make P2P HDTV Video on Demand possible,” we wrote, back in 2007. That idea from the Tribler team was first shared with the world more than ten years ago. It wasn’t without controversy. Some loved it, but others, including someone going by the name of BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen, were rather skeptical. “This will never work. Tit-for-tat is perfect. Give-to-get won’t work because the top dogs would take all the upload for themselves, thus you get no swarm,” he wrote, before adding some more context in follow-up comments. Bram’s comment https://torrentfreak.com/images/bram.png The commentary didn’t stop the researchers. Working from Harvard University and the main research lab at Delft University of Technology, they raised millions in funding to continue the project. And it’s still thriving today. The Tribler team currently has more than 45 masters students, various thesis students, five dedicated scientific developers, and several professors involved. Aside from the ‘bandwidth as currency’ idea, Tribler also implemented several anonymity features over the years. In January they released their first version with an integrated blockchain and tokens. This week, they moved a step further. The latest Tribler 7.1 release now has a fully functional token market, which allows users to convert bandwidth into Bitcoin. “This is now slowly becoming a reliable and sustainable token economy,” Tribler leader professor Johan Pouwelse tells TF. The Tribler torrent client is unique in that it’s entirely decentralized. The search results that appear when users type in a keyword don’t come from a central index. Instead, they come directly from other peers. Tribler client https://torrentfreak.com/images/triblerclient.jpg Users of the application can exchange data with users of other clients, of course, but the tokens are only shared within the network. The blockchain approach is not unique. While Tron’s proposal is catching most headlines, also because of its acquisition of BitTorrent Inc., there are others working on similar sharing economies. “Tron is the latest team to begin working on this idea. Many teams are dreaming of turning idle computers into cash cows. Filecoin, Sia, Storj, MaidSafe, and Tron are all presenting their own version of this concept. All incompatible. All different,” professor Pouwelse says. One of the reasons why bandwidth is extra valuable in the Tribler network is due to the built-in anonymity options. Tribler provides users with pseudo-anonymity by routing the transfers through other users. This means that the amount of bandwidth used by the application increases as well. To support this Tor-like onion routing, the Tribler team itself operates several exit nodes. These already generate at least one terabyte per day, as can be seen below, and the network is slowly moving to end-to-end encryption. Tribler’s exit node stats at Leaseweb https://torrentfreak.com/images/triblerlease.png The project doesn’t have a budget that can compete with major crypto projects. However, they have been in this game the longest of all and, operating from a stable academic environment, they’re not in any rush either. “There is one thing more precious than money, and that’s time,” Pouwelse notes, adding that there are hundreds of students available who can contribute to the Tribler project for free, as part of their education. “With 950 starting computer science students and 75 ‘Blockchain Engineering’ masters graduating each year, Delft University is now the number one blockchain powerhouse in Europe,” professor Pouwelse says. Whether time or money is the main advantage, the success of all these blockchain-related projects relies on how good they really are, and how they work on a broader scale. Will they mostly benefit the ‘bandwidth-rich,’ or does the entire ecosystem profit? Quite frankly, there is no answer to this question yet. Perhaps it’s a good idea to end with a comment from Bram Cohen as well, again dating back 11 years. “I wish the Tribler team the best of luck. They’re going to need it.Over and out.” Source: Torrentfreak.com
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    Tracker's Name: ScenePalace Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://scenepalace.info/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: ScenePalace is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases