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    Tracker's Name: NulledForums (NF) Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Main: https://www.nulledforums.org/member.php?action=register Closing date: Very soon! Additional information: NulledForums (NF) is a forum for web development resources, Website design, Cracked softwares, Leaks, Nulled themes, Plugins, Tutorials, JavaScript and more. Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker's Name: Techbangla Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://techbangla.wtf/register/null Closing date: Open for 2 weeks. Additional information: Techbangla is an Indian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    Hi everybody,We at MTV wanted to say THANK YOU for staying with us, and on this glorious day, Our 4th Birthday, in the spirit of MTV, we would like to share some news and we would like to give you a little gift or two.Most important is the promotion of our long-suffering, loyal and hardworking FLS, America, MrWhite, ScarletMarauder, and Zaireeka who have been promoted to Managers, each with new areas of responsibility and a focus to taking our beloved community Forward in their own way.This does mean we are looking for new FLS and Content Editors, If you feel you have the skills and time to help out our community, then please apply either via Staff PM or directly to Zairekka, please say hi to our most recent family additions, itsgoingdown and erozion, who have done exactly this.Now the Gift news !! Everyone who has already attained the rank of Key Grip gets an invite, everyone Camera Operator and above, gets 2. No catch, just our way of thanking you for giving back in whatever way you do. These are ofc subject to the normal site rules so treat this rare gift with the respect they deserve.Again, Thank you and please excuse us whilst we go back to the Champagne and Celebrations !!/ /Staff
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    Update: So it's a good news, bad news situation.The good news is that the server is still up, it's just not externally reachable right now. Not a hardware failure or anything like that.The bad news is that it was intentional. Evidently auto-payment failed due to insufficient funds. The host claims they sent an email the day before they disconnected the network adapter (not much of a warning there...), but it was not received so I wasn't aware of the problem in advance.They can also be slow to respond to tickets and they do not respond after hours or on weekends unless you pay for their managed support package. Which ADC doesn't have because it's rather expensive and we rarely need them to do anything. That's why it took so long to get to the bottom of things.
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    Tracker's Name: AvistaZ Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://avistaz.to/auth/register Closing date: Soon! Additional information: AvistaZ (AsiaTorrents) is an Asian Private Torrent Tracker for Asian Movies / TV / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker Name: Redemption Genre: General Sign Up Link: http://redemption.pw/index.php?page=account Closing Time: very soon ! Additional Information: Redemption is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker Name: FREEDOM HD Genre: HD Sign Up Link: http://freedom-paradise.eu/account-signup.php Closing Time: Open only for a few slots, so hurry up. Additional Information: Freedom-HD is a French Private Ratioless Torrent Tracker for HD Movies/general releases. Regards, sam1256!
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    Tracker Name: The-Torrents Genre: General Sign Up Link: http://the-torrents.org/signup.php Closing Time: soon! Additional Information: The-Torrents.ro is a Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General Releases. Regards, sam1256!