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  7. Loot Crate and Chrono.gg have announced the launch of a new subscription service called Loot Play that brings subscribers five "high quality, highly curated" indie games each month. Each "crate" will be delivered on the 17th of every month in the form of Steam codes, which means the games are yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription. "We want to help subscribers find new games that are curated with a focus on creative new voices, and we want to help these independent studios reach new audiences through our large network of Looters," Loot Crate VP of Product Marketing and Communications Erik Reynolds said. "Loot Play will be Loot Crate’s first digital subscription product and will open the door for the company to continue its growth through digital offerings, redefine collecting and explore the relationship fans have with content." A bit like the Humble Monthly Bundle, Loot Play will feature one monthly "anchor" game and four mystery games that will be revealed when the crate goes live. The first such game will be Crossing Souls, the 80s-themed adventure about a group of kids trying to save the world from a supernatural threat. Loot Play runs from $10 per month with a one-year subscription to $12 on a month-by-month basis. That might seem a little steep compared to the Humble Monthly, which features more (and more mainstream) games for $12 per month, but we can't really judge that until we know what the rest of the games in the initial bundle are—maybe they'll knock our socks off. One odd thing about Loot Play is that despite being an entirely digital service—the Steam codes are delivered via email—Loot Play is currently only available in the US. "Currently" suggests that international service is at least being looked at, but for now, those of us who live outside the country are out of luck. Either way, you can find out more at lootcrate.com.
  8. A new Rainbow Six Siege patch deploying sometime this week fixes two abnormal bugs that have vexed players since the release of Operation Grim Sky last month: a bug that would make a player completely invisible and an exploit on the Oregon map. What’s missing from the Y3S3 1.2 patch, however, are any balancing changes to operators. The invisibility bug has slowly spread throughout the community in the past month, but has never reached the critical mass of other troublesome exploits, like the terrifying Blitz hipfire fiasco or Jager’s deployable shield helmet. The invisibility bug is often caused by accident, as I witnessed for myself in a match last week, but could be employed by the impure of heart. The exploit on the Oregon map allows players to clip inside of a washing machine in the laundry room and enjoy a clean layer of invincibility from within. Exploiters can also shoot from inside the machine, which is the cherry on top of the whole mess. Nonetheless, Ubisoft says these issues will be fixed in the upcoming patch. One other long-running exploit is finally being plugged by Ubi. Defenders will no longer be able to place a deployable shield perpendicular to a window to prevent outside attackers from vaulting in. “Trying to do so will result in deploying the shield forward or backward depending on the player position, in a way that will always leave enough room for vaulting or rappelling in,” reads the blog post. This fix is long overdue, considering there’s no balancing reason that justifies blocking access to a window. The balancing changes currently being tested on the Technical Test Server, mostly concerning Clash and the weapon swap time between her shield and weapon, will not be making it into this patch. Ubi explained this decision in the post, citing back-end changes that needed to go live in this patch before the balancing changes were out of the testing phase. However, one bug fix listed in the patch does nerf Clash quite a bit. She can no longer “instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield.” Many had assumed this was working as intended, but I’m glad to see it was a bug. Ubi didn’t give any time frame for when the operator balance changes would be making it into the game, but anyone wanting to check them out can always download the Technical Test Server. For the full patch notes, see below. GENERAL Fixed – Deployable shields placed perpendicular to a window prevent vaulting. Fixed – The operator is invisible when players load into game. Fixed – Pistols have their reticle misaligned with the center of the screen while shooting. Fixed – No toggle for Montagne and Pulse special abilities (now comes with toggle). Fixed – Cannot access Bulletproof Camera by pressing the secondary gadget button while prone. Fixed – While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield. Fixed – The Stun Grenade VFX can be cancelled under certain conditions. Fixed – The squad leader remains alone in a match after one squad member leaves when the leader starts the match. Fixed – Latency, micro stutters and graphical issues after playing multiple matches and maps in the same Custom game session. Fixed – End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment. MAPS BANK Fixed – Valkyrie Black Eye can see through the ceiling when placed on in a spot on 2F Bank. Fixed – Spot in 1F Tellers Office allows Valkyrie’s Black Eye to see the corridor and staircase. Fixed – Spot in 1F Archives allows throwable gadgets to reach 2F Skylight Stairwell. CLUBHOUSE Fixed – Attacker drones can see through the ceiling underneath 1F Lobby and Bar. CONSULATE Fixed – Drone has no collision with the terrace edge from West Front Yard. HEREFORD BASE Fixed – Ranked Match Action phase lasts for 4 minutes on Hereford Base. Fixed – Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10–20 on Hereford Base. Fixed – Unstable FPS in Hereford Base. Fixed – Maestro's gadget is vulnerable by breaking cosmetic destruction, Small pinstripe carpets across the map. Fixed – Players can hide under a desk in 1F Prep Area. Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wall and the ammo box in 1F Garage. Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wooden planks located in EXT Barnyard. Fixed – Thatcher's EMP grenade does not turn off the faux volumetric glow from the ceiling lights in EXT Barn. Fixed – Small gap in 2F bathroom ceiling on Hereford base rework. HOUSE Fixed – Players can clip inside a wall using a deployable shield at 2F Workshop. KAFE Fixed – Players cannot pick up armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge. OREGON Fixed – Operators can get stuck inside a pile of boxes in 1F Office. Fixed – Player can vault inside the washing machine on Oregon. OPERATORS BUCK Fixed – If Buck mounts Tachanka's LMG Turret with the Skeleton Key on and leaves it, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards. CLASH Fixed – Clash can instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield. Fixed – Clash is not able to use Observation Tools while her CCE shield is extended. ECHO Fixed – Instead of disappearing when Echo’s Yokai hover drone is disabled, the "Jump" button appears greyed out. Fixed – If a disabled Yokai hover drone is picked up and re–deployed, it will still be in the disabled state when redeployed. FINKA Fixed – Finka’s Spear308's damage falloff over distance is too high. MAVERICK Fixed – Maverick’s blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall. Fixed – Blowtorch SFX persists after Maverick is killed while using it. MIRA Fixed – Black Mirror can be destroyed from the other side of a reinforced wall. Fixed – Mira can place her Mirror under another destroyed Black Mirror. MINOR BUG FIXES Fixed – Clipping issue on Lion's uniforms. Fixed – Hibana's face appears washed off when equipped with the Yurei headgear. Fixed – Holding down both gadget buttons and releasing them in a certain order switches away from Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor. Fixed – The Chalkboard uniform for Hibana does not appear properly while in First Person. Fixed – Blitz's arm is delayed when leaning, causing clipping issues with shield. Fixed – The observation tool icon is missing from the select spawn location screen for attackers in preparation phase in Ranked. CHARMS Fixed – A second "Gold Lion Chibi" will float next to the weapon it is attached to. Fixed – Equipping a country flag charm on the SPSMG9 will also apply on Clash’s CCE shield. Fixed – Chibi charms are not properly placed on Clash's CCE Shield in load out. Fixed – Multiple charms are clipping through Blitz's and Clash's shields. Fixed – Charms equipped on Clash's shield are not visible in 3rd person view. PICK AND BAN Fixed – When Joining in Progress during a ban reveal, players will always see the blue smoke. Fixed – Joining in Progress with previously selected operator does not update teammates blocked operators. Fixed – During the ready screen, the sizes of the operator's cards are not consistent. Fixed – The "Change floor" button is missing in the tactical map. Fixed – The bullet point that indicates the currently voted OP disappears after changing display mode.
  9. For the last two years, the lead up to BlizzCon has ushered in a new round of Diablo 4 announcement rumors. And the rumors are back in earnest this year, of course, but this time they've been prompted by some pretty compelling evidence: the release of the BlizzCon showroom floor map. In contrast to the 2017 BlizzCon layout, Diablo is set to occupy a large and central area of the convention centre this year. Meanwhile, shortly after the opening ceremony, a panel dedicated to the future of Diablo is scheduled. But that doesn't strictly mean Diablo 4 is coming: indeed, a new blogpost by Blizzard suggests strongly that it isn't. "BlizzCon 2018 is almost here and we’ve seen a lot of rumors flying around about our plans for Diablo at the show," the post reads. "These are very exciting times—we currently have multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them... when the time is right." The post continues to gently insinuate that a new Diablo will not be announced at Blizzccon, but that other, lesser evils await. "We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that 'good things come to those who wait,' but evil things often take longer. We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror." The post goes on to mention the Nintendo Switch release of Diablo 3, which will coincide with the first day of BlizzCon. But there will be other Diablo-related news: it's just very unlikely it will relate to a new game.
  10. PUBG's latest PC-specific update—the 23rd since launch, for those counting—adds a new pistol, and tinkers with its blue zone's visuals. The former, named Skorpion, can be spied above. The latter stars in the images below. In a bid to make it "less difficult to see through", the blue zone's opacity has been adjusted. Likewise, PUBG Corp says it has "mitigated an issue where the blue zone’s opacity difference was too strong depending on the map and weather type." Here's some before and after shots, across the game's different maps: As for the Skorpion, it's available on all maps including the battle royale's training zone. It boasts both single fire and auto fire mode, uses 9mm ammo and can load up to 20 bullets—40, with an extended mag. On the attachments front, it supports a red dot sight, a suppressor, and a vertical foregrip, half grip, light grip and laser sight on its lower rail. Elsewhere, PUBG's PC 1.0 Update #23 adds an on-screen key guide function, which display dynamic key guides relevant to what's happening on-screen. Patch notes also now feature in lobbies, and a host of weapons, systems and performance bugs have been fixed. With the latter in mind, be sure to collect your freebies before this coming Tuesday.
  11. Every year the Sync Awards celebrates the best in film, TV and games music syncing. This year's ceremony takes place tonight, October 18, in the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, and a few big games are in competition. Since Epic put Mad World over a Gears of War trailer game marketing hasn't quite been the same. Pairing the right tune with a trailer has become a skill in itself. In the best trailer category Metro Exodus' use of Massive Attack pits it against an unlikely competitor: Football Manager, which is up for an award for the use of This Moment. Here's the full category: Metro Exodus—Angel by Massive Attack Football Manager—This Moment by Blossoms & Chase & Status Onrush—Crevasse by The Qemists The Crew 2—Fire by Barns Courney Pro Evolution 2019—Ready or Not by Gizzle Fallout 76—Take me Home, Country Roads by Copilot Music + Sound Assassin's Creed Origins—You Want it Darker by Leonard Cohen Fallout has to have it right? We'll find out later tonight. Find out more about the event at the Sync Awards 2018 official site.
  12. In the fourth week of Fortnite Season 6, players will need to dance on a clock tower, a pink tree, and giant porcelain throne for battle stars. If you've been playing Fortnite for more than a few weeks, chances are you already know exactly where to go. But for new players still mentally mapping out the ever-changing island, here's exactly there to find and dance on a clocktower, a pink tree, and a giant porcelain throne. For the clocktower, head to Tilted Towers. It's the tall narrow building that looks like a clocktower. A clock is a insturment that tells time using two 'hands'. Google it if you need to. You'll find the pink tree at Lucky Landing and the giant porcelain throne is where else but Flush Factory. They're hard to miss.
  13. In an interview with Vulture published earlier this week, Rockstar's Dan Houser made mention of specific members of Red Dead Redemption 2's dev team working 100-hour weeks. He later clarified the statement, and a number of current Rockstar employees have since spoken of their experience within the company. As reported by gamesindustry.biz, Rockstar San Diego tools programmer Vivianne Langdon spoke first by declaring the most she's ever worked in three and half years at the company is "maybe 50 hours a week". Moreover, she describes this as a "rare occurrence", before detailing the intricacies of her experience with paid overtime. It's however worth noting others have shared opinions which quite clearly contradict the above—not least ex-Rockstar employee Job Stauffer.
  14. A MAN has died in hospital two weeks after an attack at a house party held to watch the Conor McGregor fight in Co Monaghan. The 41-year-old sustained serious head injuries in the early hours of Sunday, October 7 at a house in Sruth An Iuir in Oram, a village just outside Castleblaney. The dad was rushed to Beaumont Hospital but was pronounced dead today after fighting for his life for two weeks. A post-mortem examination is scheduled to be conducted by the state pathologist tomorrow. Francis Hughes, 27, with an address at Sruith an Luir, Oram, was arrested on October 10 and appeared in Cavan District Court charged in relation to the assault the following day. According to RTE, he appeared before Cloverhill District this morning and was further remanded to appear again in court in four week’s time. A Garda spokesperson said: “Gardai investigating a serious assault at a house at Sruth an Luir, Oram, Castleblayney on the October 7 2018, can confirm that a man in his 40s, injured in the incident, has died. “A man in his 20s appeared at Cavan District Court at 10.30am on October 11 2018 charged in relation to the incident.”
  15. A MAN who was on trial accused of murdering Hutch Kinahan feud victim Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan in the driveway of his Dublin home has pleaded guilty to facilitating a criminal organisation in carrying out the offence. Jason Keating, 27, of Lower Main Street, Rush, Co Dublin admitted today to participating in or contributing to activity intending to facilitate the commission by a criminal organisation or any of its members of a serious offence, namely the murder of Mr Kirwan, 62, at St Ronan’s Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22 between November 8 and December 22 2016, both dates inclusive. Keating had originally pleaded not guilty at the non-jury Special Criminal Court to the murder of Mr Kirwan on October 2 and the trial has been underway since that date. State Solicitor Michael O’Donovan this morning told the three-judge court that the DPP had directed that Keating be brought before the court and charged with the offence of facilitating the commission by a criminal organisation or any of its members of a serious offence contrary to Section 72 of the Criminal Justice Act 2006. Detective Sergeant Damien Gannon, from Lucan Garda Station, gave evidence that he met Keating this morning and handed him a copy of the charge sheet, explaining the charge to him. When the registrar put the new count to Keating and asked him how he was pleading, he replied: “Guilty”. This is believed to be the second time a person has been convicted for this offence under the organised crime legislation brought in in 2006. Paul Greene SC, prosecuting, asked the court that a “nolle prosequi” be entered on the charge of murder at the sentence hearing next month. This means the State will not be proceeding with the prosecution in relation to the count of murder. Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the “first instance” of this offence was dealt with by the court last Monday. He told counsel for both sides that the court would need to know at the sentence hearing what was offered “in terms of assistance” by Keating and what was the defendant’s state of mind in relation to the offence that actually took place. “If you look at the sentence from Monday you will see what was required to assist us in the exercise,” he added. Martin Aylmer, 31, of Casino Park, Marino, Dublin 3 was sentenced last Monday to three years and nine months for helping a criminal organisation murder Dublin bar manager, Michael Barr, 35, at the Sunset House, Summerhill Parade, Dublin 1 on April 25th 2016. The judge said today that the law of homicide in this country as it is currently structured is “inflexible”, adding that it was long overdue for reform in its substance and in its mandatory sentencing. “This new charge is most useful in cases where people play parts which fall short of actually pulling the trigger. It provides for some flexibility but also for serious penalties. This has advantages for both sides of the case,” he remarked. Mr Kirwan was sitting in his new car, a Ford Mondeo, when a gunman shot him six times with a Makarov handgun which was later recovered at the scene. The 62-year-old, a “long-time” friend of Gerry “the Monk” Hutch, suffered eight gunshot wounds in total to his head, right arm, chest and abdomen. The court has heard that the murder of Mr Kirwan arose from a “notorious feud” between two criminal factions but the deceased had no connection with either side. The deceased’s partner, Bernadette Roe, was in the passenger seat of his car at the time of the attack. They had just returned from a Christmas lunch in a restaurant in Crumlin with Ms Roe’s daughter. It was the prosecution’s case that a ‘Gotek7’ tracking device was put under Mr Kirwan’s car in the weeks leading up to his killing and this could be linked to Keating. The getaway vehicle, a white Peugeot van, was later found on fire at the rear of Neilstown Shopping Centre in Clondalkin, just a minute’s drive from St Ronan’s Drive. Mr Justice Hunt, presiding, sitting with Judge Sinead Ni Chualachain and Judge Cormac Dunne, remanded Keating in custody until November 22, when he will be sentenced.