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ImmortalSeed News - Upcoming stuff

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Dark1984    275



The fall season is upon us. Not only are the leaves turning, but the shows are just pouring in. Staff is killing it making sure each and every one of your favorite uploads is perfect. A humble and heartfelt thanks goes out to all staff, past, present, and future, for keeping the site running so smoothly.

Halloween quiz show: Thanks to everyone that came out to play with us Halloween night. It was a great time! We are putting the finishing touches on the medal, and it will be awarded later this week. We had so much fun I want to do it again...

Fall Quiz Show: November 25, at 7PM EST we will do another quiz show! 3 rounds of questions, with VIP time as the prize. Round 1 will be fall related question, Round 2 will be pop culture, and round 3 will be general trivia and perhaps a brain twister or two. Hope to see you there!

Scavenger Hunt: Unfortunately we were not able to complete the new scavenger hunt in time to use it for Halloween. We hope to unveil it this month and do a Fall scavenger hunt. The goal of the new scavenger hunt format is to allow any member to play the game at any time.

Donations: As always a huge, bended knee thank you to all those that have donated to help keep the lights!

Monthly donations not only go toward the usual hamster feed, but also helps fund future upgrades and improvements and every little bit helps!

To that end, we are applying specials to all donation options:

All free leech options and Lifetime VIP will see their cost cut on half (rounded down)!

All other donation options will see their bonuses doubled!

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone for making this place just so amazingly awesome!

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